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What are cardio workouts for and what they give.

Cardiovascular training is an aerobic exercise aimed at increasing metabolism, with intensive work of the heart and lungs. Regular workouts lasting from 40 to 60 minutes can strengthen the cardiovascular system, increase endurance and keep the body in excellent physical condition. Any exercise that allows the heart to work quickly is considered cardio.

During the exercise, the heart rate must be maintained at a certain interval throughout the entire time or movement.

What exercises are included in a cardiovascular workout:

Classes do not have to take place in the gym. It can be running, swimming, skiing, climbing stairs on foot can also be considered as a cardiovascular exercise.


If the basic requirement (required heart rate for 20-60 minutes) is met, the exercise or full session is a true cardiovascular workout.

The main types of cardiovascular training:

Walk. Perhaps the most common type of cardiovascular exercise. For beginners in sports or people with a lot of weight, this is an excellent solution: with a relatively low load, the heart is not overloaded. You need to walk at a normal pace, gradually increasing the speed of movement.

A good effect is also observed with interval movement, changing the fast pace with movement in the usual rhythm. The main thing is not to stop, but to keep moving.

Run. You can run both on the street and in the gym, it all depends on the desires and preferences of the journeyman. Running in place, interval running: each of these types of movement can provide the desired intensity. During training, it is necessary to control breathing, pulse and general condition. With a sharp deterioration in well-being, you should stop and perform several breathing exercises.

Swimming. An excellent solution for everyone, with a noticeable effect. To achieve a tangible result, you must regularly visit the pool 3-4 times a week. The main advantage of this type of cardiovascular training is the minimal load on the spine. Therefore, bathing is recommended not only for healthy people, but also for patients with problems of the spine and joints.

Training on simulators. They are traditionally kept indoors. In case of insufficient experience, it is recommended to start training under the supervision of an instructor in order to avoid mistakes when adjusting the load.

Aerobics, dancing. Rhythmic movements in music are stable and cause a sufficiently large load, which brings great pleasure. Dance and move everywhere - at home, in clubs, in nature. The result will amaze you.

What are the benefits of cardiovascular training:

The main benefit of cardiovascular training is that the heart and lungs are working hard.

During exercise, the heart rate increases, blood circulation increases.

With constant loads, endurance increases significantly: a person no longer feels tired when climbing stairs or during any other long-term physical activity. Fatigue from the load does not occur immediately, as at the beginning of the workout, but towards the end of the workout.

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